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Camille Panzarello

1511 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
805 689 6197

*by appointment only

I provide a detailed written proposal after our first meeting. Along with my portfolios and magazines, please bring your own collection of images and inspiration. Together we will discuss the vision of your wedding day and the role flowers and décor play. Your proposal will expand upon these ideas while working with your budget.


One of my life’s constants is my strong connection to nature and all things growing. My girlfriends buy cute shoes or handbags; I buy plants. I create evocative and luxurious arrangements that celebrate fine flowers. I’ve formed strong relationships with growers and wholesalers, people as passionate as I am to find just the right shade, the most unique varieties, and the best quality. When I begin designing an event I am first influenced by the flowers in season and color itself (oh how I love color!), and they lead us down a lovely trail of fabrics, ribbons, furniture, and containers.

After ten years, Modern Day Design has evolved to Camellia Floral Design, a hint at my old-fashioned name and the nostalgia that led me back to the garden and the beauty and joy that comes from it.